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LISPy-JSON 3: Variables and State in Interpreters

This post is a continuation of LISPy-JSON Part 1 and Part 2. Most programming language support some way of referring to data in memory, we call them variables. Javascript syntax looks like the following: But instead of the ‘let’ keyword, we will use the ‘def’ (define) keyword, This is just so that it looks a […]

Making a Virtual Machine Interpreter in Java – Part 1

My intention here is to create an Aha!! moment, a moment when you realise this is all there is to a Virtual Machine. IntroductionVirtual Machines are everywhere, you must have definitely heard about the JVM(Java Virtual Machine), .NET CLR (C#), Zend(PHP), Dalvik/ART Virtual Machine for Android etc. You might have also heard about the the […]

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