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LISP: My second attempt at explaining Interpreters

I wrote a previous post trying to explain a virtual machine, but I did not explain it well enough as I now feel I did not understand these topics well enough thus it ended up being a bit more convoluted than I intended it to be, now here is my second attempt. We will be […]

You already know Gate Theory

Let me start by admitting that this is a click bait title, you might not know what this theory is but you already know how to take advantage of the Gate control theory. Have you ever had an itchy throat and yearned for a bowl of hot soup and do you remember how that soup […]

Backups are harder than you think

If you were building websites anywhere in the early 2000s, you must have learnt this the hard way that you do not buy your domain and hosting from the same provider. If something goes wrong, you end up losing both your domain and access to your hosting control panel. This is still very true and […]

Harmony One DApp – The hard way – Part 1 – The CLI

I am writing this as I found the documentation to be all over the place and I found it really hard to get started with any kind of development. I feel there is some kind of disconnect in the docs and there is a lot assumed knowledge which users or developers may not have. I […]

Draft Idea: NodeJS Async with Preemption

The main idea of Node.js is to use non-blocking, event-driven I/O to remain lightweight and efficient in the face of data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. How it works under-the-hood is pretty interesting. Compared to traditional web-serving techniques where each connection (request) spawns a new thread, taking up system RAM and eventually maxing-out […]

PHP Deployment – Probably done right

In this post, we will go through a way to deploy PHP applications to a shared web host (and not a cloud instance or server). why a shared host you may ask?Because, you don’t have to worry about backups, email, database, security, SSL certs(along with renewals) and a host of other things that you wouldn’t […]

Making a Virtual Machine Interpreter in Java – Part 1

My intention here is to create an Aha!! moment, a moment when you realise this is all there is to a Virtual Machine. IntroductionVirtual Machines are everywhere, you must have definitely heard about the JVM(Java Virtual Machine), .NET CLR (C#), Zend(PHP), Dalvik/ART Virtual Machine for Android etc. You might have also heard about the the […]

StrongQL – Typed SQL for PHP

If you have used PHP, you likely had to deal with a database in one form or another, There are various ways to communicate with the database, you could start with PDO and start using raw queries or you could interact with the database at an object level using a Repository pattern or Active Record […]

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